Alumni Council

Statute 3.1 - Alumni Council


3.1.1 In this statute, unless the contrary intention appears –

"alumni" means those persons included within any definition of that term as resolved by Council from time to time.
"alumni body" means a body of alumni which is recognised by Council as representing the interests of alumni.
"alumni council" means the alumni council formed by Council under this statute.
"committee of convocation" means an alumni body which is the successor to the committee of convocation formerly established pursuant to Melbourne University Act 1958.

Recognition of alumni bodies

3.1.2 (1) Council may recognise alumni bodies to promote the best interests of the University.

(2) The university secretary must maintain a list of alumni bodies recognised by Council and may request each of them to provide a copy of any rules or other policies or procedures as may exist dealing with the governance of that recognised alumni body.

(3) The committee of convocation is a recognised alumni body for the purposes of this statute.

Establishment of alumni council

3.1.3 Council may establish an alumni council for the purpose of facilitating the work of alumni, including recognised alumni bodies, in furthering the interests and objectives of the University and in dealing with the University on matters relevant to alumni.

President of the alumni council

3.1.4 The president of the alumni council shall:

  1. for a period of two years from the date on which Council establishes an alumni council, be the person who held the position of president of convocation on or immediately before that date;
  2. after the expiry for whatever reason of the presidency contemplated by section 3.1.4(a), be a member of the alumni council appointed in accordance with Regulation 3.1.R1 whom Council appoints to that position on the recommendation of the vice-chancellor; and
  3. have observer status at meetings of Council, other than members-only meetings or parts of meetings, subject to the direction of the Chancellor.

Role of the alumni council

3.1.5 The alumni council

(1) must develop, in conjunction with relevant parts of the University, specific and measurable goals, reviewable biennially or more frequently as required, for:

  1. assisting with activities that promote and enrich the student experience;
  2. enabling alumni-led career opportunities for students and alumni;
  3. working with the University to provide advice in development of policy in relation to alumni and their role in the University community;
  4. assisting with the promotion of the University;
  5. encouraging amongst alumni a culture of financial giving to the University; and
  6. any other matter as agreed between University council and the alumni council;

(2) must work with the relevant parts of the University to achieve the aims of the alumni council as set out in section 3.1.5(1);.

(3) may deal with matters of interest to alumni and recognised alumni bodies, including their relationship with the University;

(4) may offer advice to the University through the vice-chancellor, or by means of the president of the alumni council's observer status on Council;

(5) must report to Council on any matters referred to it by Council for report; and

(6) may at any time and at least once in every year provide to Council a report of the alumni council's activities and its performance against the goals developed under section 3.1.5(1).

  • [Enacted by Council 8/11/2010 – approved by the Minister 11/1/2011;]