Research at CDMPS focuses on themes associated with preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigating against incidents across the all-hazards spectrum of emergency/disaster management. This is an important objective in light of major disasters worldwide which have had a significant impact.

Research Priority Areas

In 2017, CDMPS reviewed its 6 research priority areas as part of developing a new strategic plan for the future. The research units were redefined and extended into the current 5 research priority areas.

  1. Understanding and Mitigating Extreme Events and Critical Incidents
  2. Enabling Technology, Informatics and Analytics
  3. Improving Whole-Life Infrastructure System Performance and Resilience
  4. Strengthening Organisational, Institutional and Community Resilience
  5. Enhancing Policy and Decision Making

Research Units

The Research Units aim to address the Research Priority Areas. Each unit focuses on tackling particular challenges in disaster management and public safety and on developing innovative solutions.