How we work

We work together to create and deliver programs that are unique, responsive and highly specialised.


Rather than promoting off-the-shelf solutions, we develop customised learning solutions that are fit for purpose for your organisation. The School adopts a responsive and flexible approach to program design, development and implementation. We draw on the strengths of our academic and subject matter experts and leverage the existing knowledge within your organisation.

Our goal is to create programs that have a sustained impact and add value to your workforce and organisational performance. We aim to help your organisation build a mindset of lifelong learning, so your team can navigate new challenges that arise in the workplace.

First, we establish a shared understanding of your organisational challenges. We gather information from your senior leadership team and key individuals within your organisation. Their feedback influences design and delivery to create truly relevant, practical and meaningful programs.

Next, we examine your organisation by exploring:

  • strategic vision and priorities
  • your history
  • your organisational culture
  • where your industry is headed
  • your immediate staff development needs
  • existing development initiatives
  • the skills required for your future workforce.

At this stage, our role is to help you determine what your education and training needs are, how we can approach participant engagement effectively, and consider how to arrive at the best outcomes for your workforce and your organisation.

Combine your experience with our expertise to craft a program that will have a sustained impact.


Our dedicated project team will meet regularly with you to ensure consistency with project aims and requirements. Through this process, we minimise the risk of non-alignment with your organisational values and practices.

Our partnership model is underpinned by:

  • detailed project plans that include scope, objectives, responsibilities and agreed timelines
  • detailed budgets and accountabilities
  • communication protocols to facilitate interactions
  • project evaluation and handover.

Working collaboratively, we:

  • address the complex issues that are specific to your organisation
  • create content based on your organisational context
  • refer to your organisation's own data to measure outcomes.

Our academic experts help you to determine:

  • What participants need to learn
  • How to engage them deeply in a learning and development experience
  • How to ensure they apply what they have learned in practice.

A variety of learning approaches are used, including:

  • Webinars
  • Short term workshops, masterclasses and seminars
  • Clinical intensive and residential bootcamps
  • Case study analysis or field trips.

Program delivery options

Whether face-to-face, wholly online or blended, together we determine the most appropriate delivery mode for your education and training. Delivery can be via:

  • A range of University of Melbourne or partner university campuses
  • Regional centres
  • Workplace and client venues
  • Commercial training spaces
  • Online learning environments.

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