Why work with us?

We develop and customise learning solutions for diverse industries, drawing on sound principles of learning design, industry best-practice, and world-leading content expertise.

We attract the best and brightest

The University of Melbourne is home to world-leading scholars and subject matter experts with extensive professional and industry networks.

Our people are our differentiator. They are the reason for our success and reputation as a leading educational institution. Our professional staff work alongside academics of the highest calibre. Together, they deliver robust and rigorous learning programs and activities.

A multidisciplinary team of business development managers and program coordinators work with your organisation to tap into the intellectual resources of the University.

Access know-how from the entire University

The combination of academic research, thought leadership and industry experience allows us to identify and address key challenges and knowledge gaps across many fields. This ensures we meet current development needs of individuals and organisations and, where possible, anticipate future requirements.

Working with our client organisations, we generate a diverse range of tailored programs including in highly technical fields. We have the flexibility to develop and deliver programs that range from formal qualifications (degrees, diplomas, certificates) to professional development and training, which draw on input from multiple areas of the University.

Research-led education

We draw on the University’s research to create custom learning solutions for diverse organisations, working with the University's faculties and schools to develop programs with commercial impact.

With innovation at its heart, the University of Melbourne has built an outstanding international reputation for commitment to research excellence. We strive to solve universally significant problems and be a catalyst for positive change. The University of Melbourne is a leading Australian research university, with research expenditure second only to that of the CSIRO, and the largest cohort of research students in Australia.

Our research teams work towards different types of discoveries and contribute to major shifts in thinking around issues such as social, economic and environmental challenges. They are at the forefront of international scholarship in fields as diverse as human rights law, climate change, telecommunications and medical research.

We offer flexible learning

We provide a broad spectrum of education and training opportunities. Our comprehensive experience means that we can support multiple learning objectives, delivery options and desired outcomes.

The learning programs and activities we offer include:

  • Award; Non-Award; Non Accredited
  • Open Enrolment; Custom Programs
  • Wholly online; Face-to-Face; Blended.

The School also produces programs which range from one-off seminars to multi-day conferences or short courses. Our professional development activities are shaped to suit your organisation and might be as short as a one-hour masterclass, or stretch across multiple weeks, months or years.

Our bespoke educational programs use learning design and tools that are delivered online, face-to-face or a mix of both. We create intellectually stimulating learning environments through:

  • Pre-reading and reflection
  • Meaningful engagement
  • Workplace projects
  • Group-based exercises
  • Simulations and team work
  • Activities to foster self-reflection, implementation and action.

Our technology-based learning tools are customised for each subject, and include webinars, video case studies, expert roundtable debates, simulations and animations.

We’re solution-focused

Our approach to organisational development is collaborative. We work with organisations to co-design and implement programs that build capability in their workforce. Drawing on our strength in research excellence, our multidisciplinary teams work closely with you, your own knowledge experts and process owners to create innovative learning experiences that relate directly to your professional practice and organisational objectives.

Catering to a wide range of disciplines, our learning solutions are distinctive, highly specialised and continuously evolving. We help you develop actions and workplace solutions you can put into practice immediately and into the future. They can be:

  • Multi-disciplinary, drawing on academic input from a range of departments and faculties
  • Co-branded between the client and the University
  • Privately accessible to a single corporate entity
  • Incorporate content that is kept from the public domain (commercial-in-confidence and confidential data).

Our outcomes are measurable

To deliver professional development within your workplace and to ensure better performance outcomes, we:

  • Formulate specific learning goals
  • Design assessments and evaluation based on your individual organisational context
  • Use your own data
  • Work with your knowledge champions and process owners.

The University devises learning strategies that address specific challenges and knowledge gaps within your organisation. The success of our partnerships is underpinned by our ability to adapt and refine our customised educational solutions to respond to changes within your sector. Our experts work closely with you to assure quality.

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